Vincent Granville, PhD
Data Architect



Statistical Research : Bayesian simulation, environmental statistics, spatial statistics, spatio-temporal models, stochastic processes, model designing and model fitting, time series, image analysis, stochastic algorithms, computational statistics, discriminant analysis, classification, survival analysis, data warehousing, data mining, marketing research, stock market.

Teaching : Supervision of undergraduate students, teaching exercises in programming and statistics, preparation of new original exercises and exam questions (one of them resulting in a publication in Statistics and Computing). Lectures on Markov Fields, Unix, general mathematics and elementary statistics.

Consulting : Consulting experience in image analysis.

Computer :

Languages : French native speaker, fluent in English.


CNET & SNAP, Bridgewater, NJ. June 1997 - .

Research Manager for SNAP (NBC's portal). Working in the Marketing Research group, performing user segmentation and retention analysis. Assessing effectiveness of SNAP promotion on NBC: detecting the best shows for promotion. Previously statistician at CNET, assigned to the Data Warehouse group, working in the same office. Analysing internet traffic. Implementing SAS and Perl programs for monitoring the traffic across the various CNET Web sites. Designing databases and statistical models to track returning users and perform traffic prediction. Defining internet concepts such as unique user, visit and page. Data mining, user segmentation. Quality assurance. Implementing HTML forms to update live databases (using Perl/CGI/Java script with SQL libraries).

National Institute of Statistical Sciences, Research Triangle Park, NC. July 1996 - June 1997.

Research Fellow, mentored by R.L. Smith, A.F. Karr and J. Sacks. Research in statistical strategies for environmental modeling and monitoring. Space-time modeling in connection with ground water contamination at the Hanford nuclear reservation.

University of Cambridge, UK. February 1995 - June 1996.

Research Fellow at the Statistical Laboratory. Research on rainfall and atmospheric data, with Prof. R.L. Smith. Spatio-temporal stochastic processes, Markov chain Monte Carlo, cluster processes, disaggregation of rainfall time series. Reviewer for several journals and member of professional associations, fellow of the Royal Statistical Society. Supervision of undergraduate students at Selwyn College. Collaboration with a private company (Horticulture Research International, Warwick, UK). Designer and administrator of the Spatial Statistics Preprint Service.

University of Namur, Belgium. October 1989 - January 1995.

Research and Teaching Assistant. Teaching exercises in statistics, probability, stochastic processes, data analysis, Pascal, object oriented programming, and C at the Department of Mathematics (all levels). Lectures in mathematics (elementary level) for students in biology and medical sciences. Member of the computer science commission at the Department of Mathematics. Member of the jury for graduate students examinations. Coordination of the computer science exercises. Research and Phd thesis (1993; jury: J.P. Rasson, A. Baddeley, P. Rousseeuw; highest honors) in image remote sensing (filtering and discriminant analysis). Supervision of master thesis. Collaboration with biologists, geographers. Application of new techniques of discriminant analysis and density estimation in various fields, including insurance, epidemiology, aerial and satellite imagery. Collaboration with a computer scientist from Charles University, Prague, resulting in three co-authored publications. In 1994, military obligations as a computer scientist: experience with Word, Dbase, SQL.

CICADE (private company), Namur, Belgium. August 1988 - September 1989.

Statistical modeling of flow river based on digital raster images of ground affectation and elevation, in collaboration with an agronomist. Computer assisted cartography. In 1994, consultancy in image filtering, fractal image compression, 24/8 bits compression and edge matching within a geographic information system. Collaboration with a computer scientist.


More than 40 publications. About 20 refereed publications in journals such as IEEE Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, Statistica Neerlandica, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society series B, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, Journal of Number Theory, Statistics and Computing, Statistics and Probability Letters. Full list available on request. Book on spatial statistics, in progress.


Invited speaker at numerous international conferences and seminars. Invited and externally funded by Noel Cressie (Iowa State University), Dale Zimmerman (University of Iowa), Adrian Baddeley (Center voor Wiskunde en Informatica, Amsterdam, one week stay), Adrian Smith (Imperial College, London), Richard Smith (University of Cambridge), Jerry Sacks (National Institute of Statistical Sciences, Research Triangle Park, NC), Mike West (Duke University) and many others. Full list available on request.